Oct. 1st, 2015

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Title: Viewing the Corona
Rating: PG
Pairing: Ariadne/Arthur
Disclaimer: Not mine! The characters belong to Nolan, and I'm just playing with his toys. I'll put them back where I found them, I promise. :)
Spoilers/Warnings: Written for the 2015 Inception Reversebang. Written as a response to this picture prompt. Science has been vetted by the amazing zandperl, and any remaining mistakes are all mine. This is a fusion with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Some knowledge of the movies and the Agents of SHIELD TV show are good, but I hope that I explain things well enough that you don't need to know all of it, especially since I throw in a little conjecture. ;)
Summary: Astrophysics postdoc Ariadne loved the research she was doing, and didn't even mind having Arthur as her mentee. At least until she realizes that there is more than a shared love of science between them.

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