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Hiding The Future

Title: Hiding The Future
Rating: G
Pairing: Ariadne/Arthur
Disclaimer: Not mine! The characters belong to Nolan, and I'm just playing with his toys. I'll put them back where I found them until next year. :)
Spoilers/Warnings: Written for the Ariadne/Arthur fest on Tumblr, with a presence over at LJ and also on AO3. Based on the prompt "before her scarfs were meant to hide the scars of her childhood. Now, they cover a brighter future - an engagement ring."
Summary: "Who to be after a while is a difficult decision to make," he agreed with a solemn nod. But then he broke out into a wide smile. "But some things always remain the same. I am sure you will find your way once you realize what is important to you."

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