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Title: The Meier Job
Author: [ profile] eustacia_vye28
Artist: [ profile] exhaledtroop
Word Count: 24,965
Rating: R
Characters: Eames, Nash, Yusuf, original characters and a brief cameo by Cobb and Arthur. Bianca belongs to [ profile] fae_boleyn.
Warnings: Pre-movie. Violence here, though it's nothing you didn't see in the movie. This story dovetails with The Stein Job by [ profile] croik. Both stories are written for [ profile] inception_bang
Summary: Within the dream share community, it is generally held to be nearly impossible to hold multiple stable levels of a dream and that inception is a myth. Markneuheiten and Columbia Industries are rivals in pharmaceutical and instrumentation research. Eames is hired by Markneuheiten to make sure they come out ahead of Columbia in that race, and he plans to attempt the impossible.

The entire story at AO3

Individual chapter links (and the story is internally linked as well):
One – Setting The Stage | LJ | DW
Two – Finding The Angles | LJ | DW
Three – Starting The Dream | LJ | DW
Four – Upping The Ante | LJ | DW
Five – Closing The Deal | LJ | DW

Art is posted separately here. Go give some love for the beautiful artwork. :)

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