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 I was thinking about the parameters of shared dreaming the other day, ended up writing about 1000 words of meta on it, and figured I might as well share it to see if anyone had caught on to anything else.  Like Capt. Darren Bartel -- why isn't he a character in fics?

If you'd like to have a little discussion, my post is here. :)
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Spawned by a morning of twitter discussion of how much Arthur loves geodesic domes (I have no idea how we got there, really)...

An Inception Architecture Fest

Come join in with a story, an idea, a picture.... from Arts and Crafts bungalows to Zeppelin hangars, the Inception canon gives us a lot of scope for big architectural dreams!

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Hello! I am excited about Inception as a fandom. Here is a link round up from things I've seen on my network, and a couple of fic recs.

Discussion and resource posts

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Capslock Saito/Old Spice Guy (follow the thread)

You Can't Hide the Sun with Two Fingers Arthur/Eames PG-13


Can someone point me towards icon posts, and any quality Cobb/Saito fic?
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Hey everyone! Everything's mostly set up; please tell your friends about us!

In the mean-time, let's kick this off with a discussion — I'll be putting up topics/questions occasionally, feel free to post your own.

Inception's been criticised for not having enough character motivation; in a very small cast, we don't know much about a lot of the side characters. Despite that, a healthy-sized fandom has already sprung up. So, who was your favourite character, and why?

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