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Because how could I not make more when it's coming out on dvd soon?

part i | part ii
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Two posts in one day! \o/

This time with a little more Inception-flavor to it~

Ariadne's set
Ellen, Marion + Mal, JGL, and Inception stock
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Another batch and not even two days before the movie is ~here~

(Expect Inception icons from me, too, for the two year anniversary. ❤ )

It's so very close and yet not T-T
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Okay, so. I ended up making a ridiculous amount of icons over the period of many weeks and I finally managed to get them all posted up. However, they ended up making up several posts, mainly divided up by role, film, series, etc. So, you get a list of links. :3

→ tom hardy ←

Warrior pt.1
Warrior pt.2
Deserter pt.1
This Means War
The Take
various roles
The Virgin Queen, Inception, TTSS
candids + self-pics
photo shoots

→ joseph gordon-levitt ←

photo shoots
candids + hit record.org
(500) Days of Summer
various roles
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Since nearly half of the Inception cast is in this film, thought I should drop this off here~


This movie will be epic.

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