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Happy well-into-the-New Year, [community profile] inception! [personal profile] cherrybina and I would like to greet you all, for we are your new mods, and we are here to serve you! Also to party. We don't care which order we go in. As a refresher, the community rules are listed on the profile, and if you have any questions or concerns, you can reach us on the mod contact page, or via PM.

As part of our new regime of frippery we want to remind you about some community basics, which boil down to 1) BE NICE, and 2) USE TAGS.

Tags? What are those?! you ask, and we answer: Tags are our community organizational tools. When you make a post, please select from any of our existing tags that apply to your content, and tag your post accordingly.

Currently we have type tags - fic, media, announcement, podfic, etc - pairing tags, character tags, and rating tags. Everyone can add a tag to a post, so if you see a post going untagged, feel free to tag it! TAG CURATING IS FUN, GUYS, scroll through the old posts and try it! You can find new fic and all kinds of things that way. We highly recommend it! :D

Speaking of which, if you're looking for new things related to the Inception fandom, there are a number of communities that have sprung up lately on Dreamwidth for you to check out if you haven't already:
  • [community profile] arthur_eames, the brand-spanking-new Arthur/Eames community!
  • [community profile] inception_het, for all het pairings and variants thereof. This isn't active yet, but it exists, so join and help get it started!
  • [community profile] reception, for themed rec posts, challenges, and general fic smorgasbords!
  • [personal profile] inception_kink, your inception knk meme on DW! Note the comm rules listed on the sole post.
  • [syndicated profile] inceptiondaily_feed, the feed for [ profile] inception_daily on livejournal!

    As your mods, we would like to encourage you to make this community active and fun! See some news about Dileep or Ken's latest project? post it! Want to share with us that hot photo of Tom Hardy's face? ALWAYS! [community profile] inception is what you make it, and we hope you will make it fun and busy and a place to come for news, fics, fandom fests, challenges, squee, and general good times.

    That said, we realize that our systematic and highly functional tagging system is a bit on the staid side. Okay, boring as fuck.

    So we have a proposition for you guys:


    WTF is a tag party: it is where you tell us what zany totally non-organizational fun tags you want us to use here at [community profile] inception.

    How do I participate:
    1. comment to this post
    2. tell us what awesome tag YOU want to see us use, and give us an illustration of how you'd use that tag :D
      Example: Tag: 'too much champagne before takeoff' -- for use whenever you are TOO EXCITED TO THINK ABOUT ANYTHING ELSE EXCEPT THIS THING YOU HAVE TO POST RIGHT NOW.
      3. Make up as many tags as you want! Comment and boost your favorite tags (and example usages) created by other people! We will choose the ones we and the community love the best, so that you can all use your favorites!

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