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[Challenge Accepted]
The Merlin & Inception Fisting Fest

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All pairings are welcome!
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Hi everyone! There's currently a charity auction going on to support the sex ed website Scarleteen. They do a lot of really important work for young people and are a really worthy cause. We could really use some more fic and other fanworks on offer! Please consider taking part or spreading the word in your journal. There's more info under the cut:
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Thanks [dreamwidth personal profile] bookshop for letting me post this here!
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(I hope this is all right! ;; If not, please tell me and I'll delete it.)

Just posting to promote my multi-fandom friending meme for lost Livejournal users (but established DW users are welcome as well). I and some of my friends are in the Inception fandom, so we'd love to have some more fans there!

Please check it out:

THE Livejournal TO Dreamwidth (FANDOM) FRIENDING MEME!

Leave a comment and make some new friends!
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Spawned by a morning of twitter discussion of how much Arthur loves geodesic domes (I have no idea how we got there, really)...

An Inception Architecture Fest

Come join in with a story, an idea, a picture.... from Arts and Crafts bungalows to Zeppelin hangars, the Inception canon gives us a lot of scope for big architectural dreams!

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Inception Kink Meme!

I think it's high time DW Inception fans had our own, don't you? The usual rules: come, prompt, be merry! Let's get this sucker off the ground.

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